Skin Care Products Vs Makeup

Raquel | Oct 27, 2020

Skincare Products VS Makeup:

Good skincare helps your skin retain freshness amid pollution and other environmental conditions surrounding us. An effective skincare routine prevents skin shedding, aging, acne, and other irritating skin conditions. It is one of the affordable and easy ways to glam up your skin.
Makeup, on the other hand, is an artificial product that can lit up your appearance. It can make you ready for any event instantly. Both skincare and makeup can elevate your appearance and intensify your self-confidence, which you need to take an active role in social settings.
This is not just a small detail about skincare products and makeup. There is a lot to know about these two separate worlds that we will discuss further in this article.
Benefits of Skin Care:

The Benefits of Daily Facial Massage |

Good skincare routine yields many benefits, and some of them include:

  1. Protects against peeling of the skin: 

Dry climatic conditions may retard the moisture of the skin and make the skin dry and peel off. The peeling of the skin especially takes place in winter due to cold air, hot showers, and fluctuating humidity. A proper skincare routine can keep a check on your dry skin. 

 Here are a few home remedies to plugin with your skincare routine to mitigate this issue.

  • Use fragrance and alcohol-free soaps as natural skincare products with mild cleansing action

  • Apply moisturizer to lock in the moisture content of your skin

  • Try using anti-inflammatory agents like Aloe vera that could help your skin heal faster

  1. Slows down aging:

 Skin reflects inner health and aging status. Natural beauty comes from the inside. Skin aging is classified into two- namely-intrinsic and extrinsic aging. Intrinsic aging occurs due to lack of nutrition, and skin exposure to intense UV radiation causes extrinsic skin aging. The most productive way to work against skin aging is prevention by proper skincare routine. 

 Organic skincare products contain antioxidants such as carotenoids, tocopherols, flavonoids, and vitamins like A, C, D, E, and essential omega-3 fatty acids capable of retaining skin health and beauty. Wash, exfoliate, and moisturize are the main elements of the best skincare routine for aging skin.

  1. Saves your money:

 Best skincare products come in handy and easy to use. They save a lot of money and have a longer shelf-life. Most skin care products can be used for multiple purposes. A daily skincare routine can help you adopt good habits. Skincare routines further spare some time to take care of yourself and study your interests.

  1. Skincare routine builds a proper base for the cosmetics:

 Imagine how the makeup looks if you apply it over the dry and rough skin? Dry skin makes the cosmetics look flaky. The texture of the skin influences the application of the makeup. Skincare and makeup are connected in many ways. Right skincare products create a clean canvas for your makeup. 


Benefits of Makeup:

The Top 10 Benefits of Wearing Makeup | Reasons why Women Wear Makeup 

Similar to the skincare routine, makeup offers some instant benefits.

  1. It makes you look well:

 Makeup makes you look well and elevates your confidence. Girls with makeup look more confident and ready to take on challenges. It further adds control over the way you look. Makeup may act as a feel-good booster. Research conducted by Harvard Medical School noted the “lipstick effect” in the women with makeup. Lipstick effect is a common cognitive effect that boosts the self-confidence and self-esteem of them women. 

  1. Protection barrier to the skin:

 Everyone who uses makeup puts a protective barrier on their faces that can protect them from UV rays and air contaminants. Makeup lets you lay a good foundation for your skin. Non-oily gel-based serum formulas protect your skin against free radical damage, skin darkening while forming a protection layer against environmental pollution.

 Makeup helps to cope with depression and anxiety and benefits from being nice to yourself and overcoming the challenges. It helps to spare some time for yourself and calm down negative thinking. 

  1. Flawless pictures

 Makeup can adjust any flaws on your skin like wrinkles, pale lips, and black lines under the eyes. Makeup changes these imbalances precisely and makes you look perfect in the images. Makeup can transform how you look and make you ready for the most significant events like TV shows and social gatherings. 


These days, many Korean beauty products have evolved in the market to offer a luminous and healthy glow.


Skin Care Products Vs. Makeup:

 Till now, we have seen the unique benefits of skincare products and makeup. Let’s combine these two separate worlds:


  • Makeup can provide you only short-term fixes, whereas skincare offers long term results. Mostly in the twenties, it is most recommended to use quality skincare products like Rooki Beauty


  • Skincare products let you stay youthful all the time, while makeup offers temporary coverage. Beauty trends are like come and go sea breezes, but a young and healthy look is everlasting


  • Makeup may damage your skin in the long run, and skincare products from a renowned brand are entirely safe.


  • Skincare products come with multiple purposes, and you don’t need to invest in more money. On the other hand, nice skin demands fewer cosmetics.


Tips for picking the right makeup and skincare products:

 How To Choose The Right Foundation For Your Skin Type – Lakme India

There is a strong interconnection between skincare and makeup. It is more important to make the goals and work with your skin-friendly products. Here are a few tips for picking them:


  • Know your skin type and colors and complexions that go well with your skin

  • Choose the best brand as everything you use will be absorbed by your skin and will have effects on your body

  • Check the label to look for any ingredients that your skin is not good with

  • Know the limitations of the products and use them properly for the optimized results


Final Thoughts

The skincare routine makes the fact right that prevention is better than cure. Proper skin care makes you presentable all the time. 

On the other hand, makeup makes you armed against pollutants instantly. Ensure to craft it sweet and simple. Many types of research proved that women with 60% of the makeup look more attractive. 

Be mindful of the appearance you want to makeup and personalize your skincare routine and makeup accordingly.

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